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Criminal Case Handling

In criminal cases, main counterfeit manufacturers/dealers are punished with criminal penalties, which cracks down on them more completely and powerfully compared to administrative cases. It has a greater deterrent effect on other counterfeit manufacturers/dealers and guarantees low recurrence rate. Thanks to the powerful investigation and sound communication with PSB of different levels from state to local, Harvesting has dealt with hundreds of criminal cases and cracked down several nationwide infringing networks, which has the features of being large-scale, ganging up, recidivous, greatly harmful to client’s brand and economic interest, and easy to recur.

Harvesting’s major advantages in criminal raids are:

1. Through the attorney’s sound cooperation with PSB, Harvesting is able to organize PSB for a prompt raid action in the most effective way and push the cases into judicial procedure in the most professional manner.

2. With the close cooperation of lawyers and investigators, Harvesting can conduct professional analysis of the leads before taking raid actions, which enables it to take prompt countermeasures against kinds of possible emergencies on the spot, collect evidences most efficient for criminal or civil litigation during and after the raid action, which could also facilitate the proceeding of criminal cases.

3. Harvesting is able to avoid the limitation of unprofessional following-up of average investigation companies in the public prosecution and trial stages, as its professional lawyers will follow up the whole stages of criminal cases as the lawyers of the victim. Besides, the lawyers can have further knowledge of the counterfeit manufacturing/selling gang by case file review, document duplication, and attending the trial as bystanders or participators. They will supervise and push ahead with criminal cases for better results in favor of the brand owners, and also conduct preparations as well as collect legal evidences for the subsequent civil litigation or the other legal actions.

Harvesting is prominent in the handling of criminal cases; especially, its professional and active services in second and third stages are well received by many clients. Therefore, lots of clients have specifically assigned Harvesting to follow up the second and third stages of the cases.



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