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Monitoring and Rights Protection in Exhibition

Harvesting has a long history in monitoring and rights protection in exhibition. Since its establishment, Harvesting has assisted the clients in rights protection in all sessions of Canton Fair. In order to provide an efficient rights protection in such a short period of Canton Fair, it removed to a new office near Canton Fair complex in 2014 and has achieved marvelous results. At Canton Fair, Harvesting accomplishes missions in an efficient manner by various approaches such as investigation, market sweep, notarized purchase, etc, and it is able to conduct remarkable handling of infringement cases upon patents and copyrights, which the peers would find difficult.

In other exhibitions, Harvesting also achieves remarkable success. It assists clients to collect evidences, safeguard their IPR rights and takes charge of the follow-up IPR protection work, including sending lawyer's letter to infringers, requesting local law enforcement organs for raid action, mediating, raising civil litigation, and so forth.

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